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Nova Time v2.0 live at last

Nova Time banner
Nova Time 2.0 is live at last for all versions of Windows Phone. This is the biggest update so far, hence the 2.0 moniker. What does it include?
The timer, stopwatch, and countdown now properly work under the lock screen. This makes those features much more consistent and reliable.

This update also includes Windows Phone 8.1 packages, and integration with Cortana. This will allow us to add more Windows 8.1 specific features in future updates. In addition, this makes the app run a bit faster on 8.1 devices.

The timer now creates an alarm on the phone (with the option to disable it). This means the timer can now ring even when the app is closed. The downside is that due to platform restrictions, the alarm may be off by +- 1 minute.

The last main change is that the app is now localized for the Spanish language, in the US, Spain, and Mexico! More and improved translations will be arriving in future updates.

There is however, bad news. With the advent of the Windows Phone 8.1 release, the Windows Phone 7 release will be discontinued. This is the last feature update for Nova Time WP7. The app will still remain on the store for download, and the app will still get critical fixes, but it will no longer get new features. This will free up time to work on other projects, as well as bigger Nova Time updates.

Thank you for using Nova Time. Please remember to rate it and remove the ads.

Nova Time v2.0.0.445 Release Notes:

  • Timer and Stopwatch now work under the lock screen
  • Added Windows Phone 8.1 support
  • Timer creates a phone alarm–works in background
  • (WP8, WP8.1) Localized for Spanish (US, Spain, Mexico) es-ES, es-US, es-MX
  • (WP8.1) Integrated Nova Time with Cortana
  • (WP8, WP8.1) Added Fast Resume support
  • (WP8, WP8.1) Link to Nova Recorder in About page
  • Made buttons lowercase to fit with Metro UI Guidelines
  • Moved Settings from App Bar to App Menu.
  • Performance improvements
  • Slightly shrunk Nova Time tile image
  • Lowered app file size

Download Nova Time on the Windows Phone Store:
Windows Phone Store

Nova Recorder v2.2 live with sharing, bugfixes

Nova Recorder v2.2 is now live on the Windows Phone Store with share contract integration, and critical bug-fixes.

On Windows Phone 8.1 devices, users can now share recordings through various apps, such as e-mail and OneNote. This update also includes fixes for playback crashes on 512MB RAM devices.

Nova Recorder v2.2.0.153 Release Notes:

  • (WP8.1) Added ‘share’ integration- Recordings can now be shared with other apps or people
  • Fixed crashes that occur on 512MB devices when playing back audio.
  • Performance and battery usage improvements

Download Nova Recorder on the Windows Phone Store:
Windows Phone Store

Nova Recorder v2.1.0.145 Release Notes

The 2.1 update to Nova Recorder is beginning its rollout to the Windows Phone Store. This update has two major changes. Firstly, the app now has animations for tap and hold on both Windows Phone 8 and 8.1. Secondly, Nova Recorder can now record audio while the screen is off. Previously, the recording would pause when the screen timed-out.

This is a rather big update, and the third update to Nova Recorder in 5 days.

Nova Recorder v2.1.0.145 Release Notes:

  • Added tilt effect animations to the recordings
  • Added button press animations
  • Nova Recorder can now continue to record when the screen is off.(Previously the recording would stop)
  • Made the color ‘Choose’ button slightly bigger to fix text clipping issues
  • Hides extra buttons while the user is picking a background color
  • Removed option to disable screen timeout
  • If the user provides invalid characters for the filename, the app will now resort to a default filename.

Download Nova Recorder on the Windows Phone Store:
Windows Phone Store

Nova Recorder v2.0.1.138 now live with big fixes

A short but major bugfix update for Nova Recorder is now rolling out to Windows Phone 8+ devices. This update fixes the two major sources of crashes in the app. It also prevents users from inadvertently reading ads back into the app.

A further update featuring improved design and animations, and allowing recording under the lock screen, will release sometime next week.

Nova Recorder v2.0.1.138 Changelog:

  • Fixed bug where the Play section would show app files (which upon playing, would crash the app). It now only shows audio files.
  • Fixed bug that caused crashes when trying to play audio files longer than ~9 minutes.
  • Added fast forward, rewind, pause, and a new playback interface on recordings longer than 6:36

Download Nova Recorder on the Windows Phone Store:
Windows Phone Store

Nova Recorder v2.0.0.130 now live!

Nova Recorder Banner
Kerinova is rather pleased to release the biggest Nova Recorder update so far: Nova Recorder v2.0.0.130(and also our first 2.0 release). Included in this release is OneDrive integration, so recordings can now be uploaded to the cloud. We also added Windows Phone 8.1 support, including Cortana integration. The design has been modified to better fit the Windows Phone Modern design language. Finally, files can now be renamed, in addition to various other fixes.

Thank you so much for reading, and using Nova Recorder.

Nova Recorder v2.0.0.130 Changelog:

  • Recordings can now be saved to OneDrive!
  • Added a Windows Phone 8.1 version with Cortana integration!
  • Recordings can now be renamed!
  • De-emphasized AppBar in favor of a tap and hold context menu
  • Prompts user for filename in popup menu
  • Added fast resume support
  • Moved settings button to App Menu
  • Improved image quality throughout app
  • Added a new splash screen image
  • Fixed crashes that occur due to phone running out of memory. Recording will now stop and save when the phone is out of memory.
  • Reduced application file size
  • Performance improvements

Download Nova Recorder on the Windows Phone Store:
Windows Phone Store