Nova Recorder v2.1.0.145 Release Notes

The 2.1 update to Nova Recorder is beginning its rollout to the Windows Phone Store. This update has two major changes. Firstly, the app now has animations for tap and hold on both Windows Phone 8 and 8.1. Secondly, Nova Recorder can now record audio while the screen is off. Previously, the recording would pause when the screen timed-out.

This is a rather big update, and the third update to Nova Recorder in 5 days.

Nova Recorder v2.1.0.145 Release Notes:

  • Added tilt effect animations to the recordings
  • Added button press animations
  • Nova Recorder can now continue to record when the screen is off.(Previously the recording would stop)
  • Made the color ‘Choose’ button slightly bigger to fix text clipping issues
  • Hides extra buttons while the user is picking a background color
  • Removed option to disable screen timeout
  • If the user provides invalid characters for the filename, the app will now resort to a default filename.

Download Nova Recorder on the Windows Phone Store:
Windows Phone Store

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