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Nova Time 2.0 is live at last for all versions of Windows Phone. This is the biggest update so far, hence the 2.0 moniker. What does it include?
The timer, stopwatch, and countdown now properly work under the lock screen. This makes those features much more consistent and reliable.

This update also includes Windows Phone 8.1 packages, and integration with Cortana. This will allow us to add more Windows 8.1 specific features in future updates. In addition, this makes the app run a bit faster on 8.1 devices.

The timer now creates an alarm on the phone (with the option to disable it). This means the timer can now ring even when the app is closed. The downside is that due to platform restrictions, the alarm may be off by +- 1 minute.

The last main change is that the app is now localized for the Spanish language, in the US, Spain, and Mexico! More and improved translations will be arriving in future updates.

There is however, bad news. With the advent of the Windows Phone 8.1 release, the Windows Phone 7 release will be discontinued. This is the last feature update for Nova Time WP7. The app will still remain on the store for download, and the app will still get critical fixes, but it will no longer get new features. This will free up time to work on other projects, as well as bigger Nova Time updates.

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Nova Time v2.0.0.445 Release Notes:

  • Timer and Stopwatch now work under the lock screen
  • Added Windows Phone 8.1 support
  • Timer creates a phone alarm–works in background
  • (WP8, WP8.1) Localized for Spanish (US, Spain, Mexico) es-ES, es-US, es-MX
  • (WP8.1) Integrated Nova Time with Cortana
  • (WP8, WP8.1) Added Fast Resume support
  • (WP8, WP8.1) Link to Nova Recorder in About page
  • Made buttons lowercase to fit with Metro UI Guidelines
  • Moved Settings from App Bar to App Menu.
  • Performance improvements
  • Slightly shrunk Nova Time tile image
  • Lowered app file size

Download Nova Time on the Windows Phone Store:
Windows Phone Store

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