Nova Recorder v2.0.0.130 now live!

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Kerinova is rather pleased to release the biggest Nova Recorder update so far: Nova Recorder v2.0.0.130(and also our first 2.0 release). Included in this release is OneDrive integration, so recordings can now be uploaded to the cloud. We also added Windows Phone 8.1 support, including Cortana integration. The design has been modified to better fit the Windows Phone Modern design language. Finally, files can now be renamed, in addition to various other fixes.

Thank you so much for reading, and using Nova Recorder.

Nova Recorder v2.0.0.130 Changelog:

  • Recordings can now be saved to OneDrive!
  • Added a Windows Phone 8.1 version with Cortana integration!
  • Recordings can now be renamed!
  • De-emphasized AppBar in favor of a tap and hold context menu
  • Prompts user for filename in popup menu
  • Added fast resume support
  • Moved settings button to App Menu
  • Improved image quality throughout app
  • Added a new splash screen image
  • Fixed crashes that occur due to phone running out of memory. Recording will now stop and save when the phone is out of memory.
  • Reduced application file size
  • Performance improvements

Download Nova Recorder on the Windows Phone Store:
Windows Phone Store

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