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Lango programming language vDemo2

On Christmas Day 2014, Kerinova released the second demo build of the Lango programming language. This build has numerous improvements and added features over Demo 1, including Integer operations, and Lango->C# convertibility.

Release Notes:

  • Save command history to a .txt file from the interpreter
  • Base for converting communal code to C# code
  • int is a synonym for integer and number
  • Integer operations var + var or 5 + 5
  • Interpreter can be called via command line to interpret a code file
  • Removed speech from cint
  • Fixed bugs and improved performance

Known Issues:

  • Lango will always report that files are saved correctly
  • Not all Communal code is converted to C# code
  • C# code is not formatted correctly

Download the Lango vDemo2 here.

Going into the new year, a lot of focus is going to be placed on Lango, and much work will be done. The plan is to continue releasing demo builds until 1.0 is feature complete. At that point the language will be open sourced, and beta will begin.

Wrapping up 2014

Wide Kerinova Logo
This was a big year for Kerinova.

We released our first two apps, Nova Time and Nova Recorder, we released a demo of a new programming language (more to come on that front), and it will only get better from here.

While Nova Time and Nova Recorder have received their last updates of 2014, they are not finished yet, and will continue to be updated next year. I plan to incorporate user feedback into updates for the app, and will update them to support Windows 10.

The Communal Day 1 Demo 1 was released this summer, and there is still more to come from that project. A Communal Demo 2 will likely be released before the year is out, or very early next year. That build will include numerous new features, including the base for the ability to convert Communal code to C#. Communal will continue to be updated throughout 2015.

In addition to all that, we have more exciting projects that will debut next year.

Thank you so much for reading. 2014 was a great year, but 2015 will be better.

-Xeon Gutierrez

Nova Recorder v2.3.1 Release Notes

Nova Recorder v2.3.1.167 is a major bug-fix update, and the last update to Nova Recorder for 2014.
This update enables animations by default, and fixes a few annoying bugs.

Thank you so much for using Nova Recorder, and I hope you stay with Kerinova through 2015 and beyond.

Nova Recorder v2.3.1.167 Release Notes:

  • Improved landscape view for the settings page.
  • Animations are on by default, The option is to disable them
  • Fixed crashes involving audio playback on low memory devices.
  • Fixed bug that breaks app navigation when user doesn’t have internet connection

Download Nova Recorder on the Windows Phone Store:
Windows Phone Store

Nova Time v2.1 live with calendar integration

Nova Time banner
Nova Time 2.1 is now live for Windows Phone 8 and 8.1 devices. This update fixes some issues with the timer, and improves performance of the timer.

More importantly however, this update integrates countdowns with the phone calendar. There is now a button in the ‘Add Count’ prompt to add a calendar appointment based on the countdown.

Nova Time v2.1.0.453 Release Notes:

  • Added ‘Save to Calendar’ feature to Countdowns.
  • Properly cancels the scheduled system alarm when the timer ends
  • Localized timer textboxes in Spanish
  • Stopping the timer now properly clears the name box

Download Nova Time on the Windows Phone Store:
Windows Phone Store

Nova Recorder v2.3 is live on the WP Store!

Nova Recorder v2.3 is now live on the Windows Phone Store with new recording animations, and minor performance improvements.

On both Windows Phone 8, and 8.1, there is a new option in settings to enable recording animations. This will add nice animations while the app is recording audio.

Nova Recorder v2.3.0.163 Release Notes:

  • Added an option to enable recording animations

Download Nova Recorder on the Windows Phone Store:
Windows Phone Store