Type Faster! is now live for Windows Devices

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After nearly 2 months of development, Type Faster! is now propagating through the Windows and Windows Phone Stores. By the end of March 18, 2015, it should be available, for free, nearly worldwide for all Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 devices.

Type Faster! is a typing game and typing speed benchmark. It features leaderboards to see your progress, and compete with friends.

Since Type Faster! uses the Universal Application model, it is ready to support Windows 10. More immediately noticeable is that Type Faster! supports Buy Once, Play Everywhere for its in-app purchases. Right now this is limited to disabling ads, however in the future we will offer new modes and content for purchase. Being Universal means that Type Faster! will sync scores, users, themes, and eventually achievements across all devices. Start playing on one device, and continue on the other.

Type Faster! features four game modes in the initial release: Free Type, Nonsense Type, Sentence Type, and Numbers Type.

We plan on releasing frequent content updates. v1.0.1 should be rolling out soon. v1.1 and beyond will add achievements and new modes, such as Time Trial.

To learn more about Type Faster!, check out the product page here.

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