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Type Faster! v1.1.0.220 Release Notes

We have released Type Faster! version 1.1.0 to both Windows Stores.
This update contains two big features: The Lorem Ipsum game mode, and Achievements!
Players can now earn achievements in all of the existing game modes, with more achievements to come in future updates.

Release Notes:

Type Faster! v1.1.0.220 – May 24, 2015
  • Added Lorem Ispum Mode.
  • Added Achievements.
  • (WP) Resized other apps hyper link to match the Rate and Review hyperlink.

This update should roll out within the next few days.


Windows Phone Store
Windows Store

[Nova Toolkit] Voice Browser is now live

We launched the first app in the Nova Toolkit: Voice Browser.
First, what is Nova Toolkit?

Nova Toolkit is a group of free and open source apps and software by Kerinova. Usually, the apps in the toolkit will be smaller, single purpose apps, or experimental software. Voice Browser is a good example of this.

Voice Browser is a tool for Windows Desktop (Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10) which allows you to control web browsers using voice commands. This makes it possible to scroll pages and manage tabs with simple voice commands. A good use-case for this would be cooking while reading recipes.

Voice Browser, and any future app in the Nova Toolkit will be completely free, and open to feedback and code contributions.

See Voice Browser on GitHub here.