Nova Toolkit: Mouse Automator is live on GitHub

A new program has launched as part of the Nova Toolkit: Mouse Automator. Mouse Automator allow users to record mouse actions and clicks for the computer to automatically playback. This program, like every program in the Nova Toolkit is free and open source. Contributions are welcomed to improve and add features to Mouse Automator!

This program originally came about because I needed to save a group of 100,000 Gmail contacts in a directory to another contact folder. In order to do this, one must click three buttons: select all the contacts, move them to the folder, and move to the next page. By using Mouse Automator, this monotonous, time consuming, and mindless task can be automated, as can many others with custom recorded procedures.

Read More, Contribute, and Download on GitHub:
Download v1.0.1.15 here

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