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Lango programming language vDemo2

On Christmas Day 2014, Kerinova released the second demo build of the Lango programming language. This build has numerous improvements and added features over Demo 1, including Integer operations, and Lango->C# convertibility.

Release Notes:

  • Save command history to a .txt file from the interpreter
  • Base for converting communal code to C# code
  • int is a synonym for integer and number
  • Integer operations var + var or 5 + 5
  • Interpreter can be called via command line to interpret a code file
  • Removed speech from cint
  • Fixed bugs and improved performance

Known Issues:

  • Lango will always report that files are saved correctly
  • Not all Communal code is converted to C# code
  • C# code is not formatted correctly

Download the Lango vDemo2 here.

Going into the new year, a lot of focus is going to be placed on Lango, and much work will be done. The plan is to continue releasing demo builds until 1.0 is feature complete. At that point the language will be open sourced, and beta will begin.