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LifeLog v2.0.0 now on Play and Amazon

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LifeLog v2.0.0.150 is now live on both the Google Play Store and Amazon App Store. This is a massive update containing the option to sync logs across devices with Dropbox, redesigned exporting, and a new design for settings and search.

Release Notes:

LifeLog v2.0.0.150 – June 28, 2015
  • Lifelog now has optional Dropbox Sync, across devices!
  • Moved Export Data from the Log Menu to the Settings page.
  • Export -> More now performs a backup on all files.
  • Settings page now has a landscape mode layout.
  • Redesigned the search cards, and added more spacing between them.
  • Attempt to clean date tags from the search context.
  • Updated the import data title wording to make clear that you must submit a Log Data xml file.

To find out more about LifeLog, check out the product page.

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Nova Recorder v2.4.0 is live with pausing

Nova Recorder v2.4 is now live on the Windows Phone Store with two major features.

Firstly, the ability to pause (and obviously resume) recordings has been added. Secondly, the ‘new recording’ button is removed, as it was redundant, and just cluttered the UI.

Nova Recorder v2.4.0.185 Release Notes:

  • Added ability to pause and resume recording
  • Removed redundant New Recording button

Download Nova Recorder on the Windows Phone Store:
Windows Phone Store