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The Lango Programming Language is a natural programming language with the flexible syntax of the English language. In this way, programming in Lango should be more similar to giving the computer instructions in plain English than any other existing programming language. In current programming languages, there is only one way to give a specific instruction, with no flexibility and where every little semicolon must be collocated in the right place. The Lango programming language mimics the syntax of English through implementing synonyms, having similar grammar in many cases, and allowing more variation in ways and ordering of each command. Lango does this without sacrificing performance at runtime, as the flexible Lango code written by the programmer is compiled into Lango bytecode, which is read by the computer as fast as code interpreted by other programming languages. Additionally, Lango code is compiled to other programming languages with known performance.

Architecturally, Lango implements some unique features not seen in other programming languages. Lango code is translated by the compiler into a variety of other programming languages. This means when a programmer writes a program for Lango, they will also get the equivalent program in other programming languages. This is especially useful for beginners, who can see how English-like statements are represented in different programming languages. In the current prerelease version, Lango code can be translated into C#.

Lango is ideally suited for beginners learning how to program, writing scripts, as well as further research into natural programming languages.


  • Flexible English Syntax with synonyms
  • Code translated to other programming languages
  • Compiles to bytecode: flexible syntax with no impact on runtime performance

The Lango Programming Language is currently in development.

Lango Preview 1: August 21, 2018 is currently available.


Download the Lango Preview 1.
See Lango Sample Programs: Lango Sample Code Repository


Lango Preview 1 v0.5.0.626 – August 21, 2018
  • Initial Public Preview